If you're experienced in printing with embedded functions of rdp-protocol in Microsoft's Terminalservice, you'll know this problems:
    1. Some printerdrivers unusual  (for example some messages in consolesession of  terminalserver)
    2. Several printerdrivers crashes if they share the same machine
    3. If you install a new driver on client, rdp is missing the same driver at the server
    4. Many drivers don't support rdp-printing under Microsoft's Terminalserver
    5. The printername is build on serverside with the actual number of the session. Some programs don't like that.
    6. Each local installed printer will be mapped in terminalsession
    7. The standardprinter in terminalsession is always the same as the local standardprinter
    8. In workgroups sees every user each mapped printer
    9. Compressionratio of  transmisson of printingdata is only low
   10. 32bit clients will connect to 64bit terminalserver, but 64bit printerdrivers aren't availiable.
SLIMPRINTER solves all this problems!
    * Only two universal printerdrivers on serverside
    * public and private printers
    * independent standardprinter
    * no administrativ garbage on serverside
    * supports papersizes until A0, also rollpapers for bonprinters
    * connections from 32bit clients  to 64bit terminalservers and vice versa for all printertypes possible