Simply download an test it! (latest Version 10.1)
Components Version  10.1  
  (Last update 13.04.2021)  
AllInOne-Installerpackage AllInOnePackage
Serverinstaller Windows2008-Windows2019 (64bit) Serverinstaller 2008-2019 (exe)  
Serverinstaller 2008-2019 (zip)
Clientinstaller Vista - Windows 10 (32bit/64bit) Clientinstaller (exe)  
Clientinstaller (zip)
Slimprinter documentation Documentation  
Addon Using local Twainscanner Addon Twainscanner (exe)  
Addon Twainscanner (zip)
Without licensekey are the first 20 days full versions!
pricelist pricelist
Please don't forget to download the clientinstaller for your workstations!