Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any limitations in the unlicensed version?
A: No. There's just an additional upper layer with the text "DEMO".
Q: Are the client licenses bound to specific client machines?
A: No. The number of clients refers to the number of simultaneous logged on users.
Q: Who can see the printers marked as private on the terminal server?
A: Only the owner, administrators and power users.
Q: If I print pdf-documents some characters are wrong. What's the matter?
A: This behavior results from some driver problems. Please uncheck the extended printer functions of the local printer. Please see also Microsoft's Knowledge Base which has an entry for this problem. This problem is independent from Slimprinter.
Q: After logging on to terminalserver sometimes the message  "Printer not available!" appears. What can I do?
A: Increase the value  for "Timeout" in slimprinter server managment.
Q: After installing a new printer on a clientmachine this printer is not mapped to the terminal server. What can I do?
A: Launch Slimprintermanagment on client-side and mark this printer checked.Restart the rdp-session.
Q: How do I enter the license keys?
A: Launch Slimprinter management on server-side and select the tab "Licensing". Fill out the fields for server license key and, if available, the client license key(s) and save. Restart the slimprinter service.
Q: Can I use any client license keys?
A: No. Client license keys based on the serial number of your server.
Q: What do I have to do if I change my hardware?
A: On clientside re-install the Slimclient. If you change your serverhardware please contact our service.
Q: Which client systems are support by Slimprinter?
A: WIN95/98/ME are not supported. Minimum requirement is NT4.
Q: Is it possible to use Slimprinter with "normal" rdp-printers in a session?
A: Yes, set printers checked on local resources at rdp-client. Slimprinter sets the standardprinter.
Q: Which clientprinters ar supported by Slimprinter?
A: In general you can use any printer. Applications that produce only RAW-spools have to use the original driver (also installed on terminal server).
Q: It is possible to use Slimprinter with shared printers and network printers?
A: Yes, the naming convention of this printers is the following: clientname sharename>printername
Q: How do I install the published updates?
A: Run the file SetupUpd.exe on your server. Please make sure that there are no active sessions with Slimprinter. Client updates will run automatically during the client login and require a restart of the session.
Q: Slimprinter doesn't create Printers after logon.
A: Possible reasons:
1. Check service 'Slimprinter' is installed and running.
    (If yes, be shure printerdrivers WIT Universal and WIT Universal2 are installed)
2. Check installation and activation of Slimprinterclient on workstation.
    (Is checkbox 'activate Slimprinter' marked as checked?)
3. Do you find a process 'TSPrintSessionSvr.exe' inside your session?
    (If no, change the Startup from 'Logon' to 'Autostart' and restart Slimprinterservice or start this process manually
    (TSPrintSessionSvr.exe ist located in %windir%\System32 or %windir%\SysWOW64))
Q: How can I install Slimprinter on Server2012?
A: Before executing Slimprinterinstallation reboot Server2012 and excute modus without checking driversignatures.
(Reboot --> F8 --> start without drivercheck)
Launch Slimprinterinstallation, install drivers WITUniversal and WITUniversal2 without signature.
Reboot server in normal modus.